Welcome to ClickConnect

Click Connect is a digital marketing specialist, offering innovative web solutions to connect businesses and users in the most personal way possible.

Over many years we have developed a range of systems to help businesses become more successful by combining the latest online technology with leading edge marketing knowledge. We have developed two primary products to offer both small business and corporate enterprises a clear path into the future of online marketing. Each of these is based on uncovering new ways to harness the power of personal relationship and online communication.

Market Active

Market active is a unique website system developed specifically for small business owners who want powerful marketing websites at affordable prices. Because many small businesses grow, the Market Active system is designed to grow with you as your business needs change.  Our self managed system allows you full control of your website including Shopping Cart, Face Book integration and blogging from any web-enabled computer anywhere in the world. Read more>>

Market Catalyst

Market Catalyst is a multi-site system for enterprises requiring multiple localised sub-sites to generate high levels of SEO or to connect multiple retail websites to a central management site. Market Catalyst offers a completely new approach to localised online marketing, by taking advantage of local search to increase sales and local brand awareness. Market Catalyst is ideal for wholesalers, large retailers, franchisors and other organizations with large member bases or with multiple outlets. Read more>>