Touchpoint Media

TouchPoint Media is the developer of Our Town Plus More, a unique software and community engagement approach, offering a simple, easy to use interface as it engages, interacts, simplifies and streamlines digital technology usage in regional areas of Queensland.

Each Regionalised Hub will be purpose built to suit the individual needs of a region for information, community, business and government activity and where necessary, extend beyond The Regional Council geographical boundaries.

The system is designed to help drive any existing digital portals as it harnesses business and community participation. It also allows for an endless scope of on-going community use long into the future.

The Our Town Plus More system is designed to act as a focus point for the economic, social development and growth of regional areas, facilitating greater community engagement, regional business engagement, business to business opportunities, tourism, and local and external business procurement into key areas of Queensland.

Its features and design are in line with the objectives of the Government’s Queensland Digital Economy Strategy.

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