Quick tips to build a strong brand online

Is your brand seen as a hero strolling down the metaphorical online main street, turning heads wherever it goes, or is it sneaking through the online back streets unseen or even worse, attracting completely the wrong crowd?

The message that your brand is giving out online is crucial to your long term success. You need to be really clear about what your brand means to your customers and prospects.

Look at the Virgin brand

MentioRichard Bransonn Virgin Blue and most people get word pictures like cheeky, irreverent, innovative, colourful, successful, affordable and trusted.

“Virgin” is a very strong brand, and so is Richard Branson. You could almost use the same word pictures for Richard.

He has done as much work creating himself as a brand as he has with his “Virgin” businesses. Branson is very much the public face of his own businesses and it works very well for him.

You can be sure that this is no accident.  Richard Branson really works hard at both his own profile and the Virgin brand. He deserves all of the brand success he generates.

But what about your brand?

You mightn’t be a Richard Branson, but you need to take some of his methods and work at lifting your brand’s profile.

Your branding message is just one of thousands of new messages that assault potential customer’s every day through various media. To get your brand uppermost in your prospect’s brain, you need to find your way through the noise.

So… do you know what your brand is saying online? Is it connecting with your target market? Is your brand seen as the answer to your customers needs? Most importantly, does your brand inspire trust?

Become a trusted authority

One way to build trust and increase awareness in your brand is to become the trusted authority in your industry. There are a few ways to do this. PR is great way to enhance your reputatioTrustn through the media.

Holding seminars where you give away free advice and useful relevant information also puts you in the picture as one of the good guys, who also really knows his stuff.

Another way to build your reputation and increase trust is to use the power of the internet. The trouble is there are so many ways to connect now, that sometimes it all just seems too hard.

Think the way your prospects think

It can be really simple if you just think about everything from your prospect’s perspective. Give them what they are looking for. Creating and posting content that is helpful first without trying to sell anything is incredibly effective in building your trust levels.

It’s so effective that Content Marketing is now one of the most sought after marketing methods worldwide.

That’s because Google has made changes to the way its search engine works.

Google stays on top by making search results relevant and accurate. Good quality, useful, relevant content is always best, because what Google wants to deliver is what your prospects want to find.

They want quick, easy access to the information that will solve their problems and answer their questions. Keeping these two points at the forefront of your content means that you get what you want – higher levels of trust and more qualified leads.