The Eight Touchpoints of the customer sales cycle

Do you know the eight touch points of the customer sales cycle that move your prospects forward until they become a fully converted customer?

Whilst all businesses and industries will have different t touchpoints and time frames to conversion, the process is the same throughout.

Here are the stages that your prospects will move, through every time.

Unaware – Aware – Interested – Ready to Buy – Sold – Satisfied – Convert – Brand Fanatic

For each step on the path, you are working out which content will attract the prospect to that touchpoint of engagement with you and help move them onto the next touchpoint.

Specifically each step should answer the following questions:
•    What questions does the prospect want answered at this touchpoint in the process?
•    What are the topics that would provide this content and answer these questions?
•    What are the most effective headlines for content at each touchpoint?
•    What formats (blog posts, videos, eBooks, etc.) would this content be delivered through?

Move from unaware of you to care about what you offer

At the top of your buying cycle, the prospect does not care about you and your brand. Your content here should be at some intersection between your prospect’s interests and the expertise within your organization. The content at the beginning should never promote your own products and services.

But as the prospect moves deeper and indicates interest in your services, your content should provide more information to help them make the decision to buy these services from you.
To help you manage this process, you might want to look at Touchpoint Dynamics.

Touchpoint Dynamics captures the processes and helps you create meaningful touchpoints to educate your prospects, build trust in your brand and stimulate interaction with you in a variety of ways.

Touchpoint Dynamics uses the most appropriate media to deliver meaningful content designed to establish your credentials, engage your customers and give them clear steps to follow through to a conversion. This can be done through a variety of media including graphic design, website development, on and offline advertising, blogs, social media, email, direct mail and PR.

Touchpoint Dynamics builds Accessibility, Authenticity and Authority into everything your prospects and customers hear, see and feel about you.

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