Market Catalyst Examples

We have provided just a few examples of our Market Catalyst sites below. You can view these sites by clicking on the site thumbnails. Market Catalyst systems are built to your unique specifications and needs, so please contact us if you would like an obligation free consultation to see if market Catalyst would suit your business.

Salon link

Salon Link is a multi-tiered online hair and beauty shop with a central management, warehousing and distribution base. Sales are funneled through a nationwide network of professional hair and beauty salons, all having their own mini-website linked to the master site.  Sales are tagged to the originating salon so that commissions are automatically attributed to that salon. Each week new special deals are posted to every salon site with personalised promotional emails sent to salon customers. Salon Link utilises most of the features within Market Catalyst. Market Catalyst offers both the salon owners and Salon Link a highly automated process, localised SEO and low management costs.

Smart Employment Solutions

Smart Employment Solutions is a leading employer and group trainer of apprentices in South East Queensland. As a local company with over 25 years experience, Smart Employment Solutions wanted to ensure that young people looking for apprenticeships found them online. They also wanted employers looking for apprentices to know that they were offering something extra. The next stage of their website is a comprehensive directory for the employers of their apprentices, offering professionally designed mini-websites at low costs. The benefit that this Market Catalyst site offers both the employers and Smart Employment Solutions is increased search optimisation at lower costs for all.

Empire Careers

Empire Careers is a privately owned, specialised recruitment agency with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. This Market Catalyst Corporate site has made use of sub pages with dedicated domains for each location for increased SEO. The site also uses multiple links for the same purpose. The clean, stylish design enhances the reputation of this leading company.