Market Active Examples

We have provided just a few examples of our Market Active sites below. You can view these sites by clicking on the site thumbnails. We have many more sites to show you, so please feel free to call if you would like to see examples that would be relevant to your business.


Reviderm Australia is the Australian suppler of international skincare manufacturer and supplier Reviderm. Their products and equipment are at the very high end of the market, so this South Australian based company wanted a site with an elegant, sophisticated look.  The Market Active platform we used was ideal for their needs. Their head office in Germany has received such great reviews from customers about the Australian site, that Reviderm International is now looking to remodel their international site based on our design.

Beaudesert Motorcycles

Beaudesert Motorcycles is Queensland based Suzuki dealer. They wanted a site that was interactive and image rich for their client base of mostly young males. The Market Active platform we used for their site has all of these elements. As a matter of fact they were so happy with the site, that we are now approaching other Suzuki dealers across Australia to give them a similar result.

Minogue Hairdressing

The hair and beauty industry is one area that we have spent a lot of time developing. We have a range of Market Active site designs created specifically for this industry with web sites from Western Australia to Queensland. Minogue Hairdressing is just one of our visually appealing designs, using clean lines and clear navigation. Each site includes an SEO component, making Market Active the best  value for money marketing sites for salons in Australia.

Born Genius

The Born Genius website was developed for author and international speaker Peter Barr to promote his unique book and lecture series – Born Genius. This is one our highly customised Market Active sites and sits at the upper end of the range with an interactive series of exercises and questionnaires with a shopping cart and the ability for visitors to upload their own genius statements.

ITR Business and Tax Services

ITR Business and Tax Services is a Queensland based accountancy firm specialising in taxation services and business advice for small to medium businesses. The business had been operation since 2001 and te partners wanted it to have much more strength than other accountancy sites. This is a Market Active site with Calls-to-Action links and straightforward navigation and advice to help prospective clients find what they want.