Content marketing strategies that talk to your customers

Over the past 12 months the number of words in search requests has increased as people narrow down their search by locality or other specific terms to get more accurate results. The level of online search in Australia is growing at an unheard of rate.

Australia has about 10,035,700 Facebook users and online retail spending is expected to reach $33.8 billion in Australia by 2012. Almost half of mobile phone users in Australia have Internet enabled phones and about 26% access the Internet from their phones to find information, products and services. These are staggering statistics.

The combination of web, email and social media can generate significantly higher numbers of qualified leads at lower costs per lead. The use of the internet is increasing as people become more accustomed to using it to find all sorts of information, products and services.  That’s why we specialise in Content Marketing to ensure that your prospects are finding you with answers to their questions and concerns. It’s the quickest way to build trust and relationship with your clients.

No Trust – No Relationship. No Relationship – No Sales

Your clients want the convenience and the accessibility of the internet to make life simpler and decision making easier. They want helpful information, useful products and valued services. Most importantly, they want it from trusted local sources.

So we help you provide timely, useful and relevant information to your clients. We help you leverage the ‘trusted’ relationship that you have with your clients to stimulate more sales and referrals from them. We make sure that you are part of their world, by ensuring ‘your local face’ and ‘your personality’  are brought back into the relationship.

Our content marketing strategies talk to your customers, not at them. We use blogs, social media and online feedback systems to learn more about your costumers, so your ‘knowledge’ of them is greater. With this knowledge, our systems can automatically send them information based on their preferences. Everything we do is designed to ensure that trust is at it’s highest. And that is when your sales start increasing.