Increase sales from current clients with Content Marketing

Did you know that you can dramatically  increase your sales from current clients using content marketing?

I guess that if you are in business, you are always looking for ways to extend the return on your marketing investment as far as possible.

Marketing and sale plans often focus on attracting new clients. But you can get your existing clients to spend more money with you if they know how much more you could do for them.

It’s also a lot easier to market to your existing clients with some major advantages in growing sales this way.

These include;

1. You already have an established and trusted relationship with them.
2. You already know which goods and services they currently use.
3. You save money because there is no new client acquisition cost to you. (It can take about three to five sales before you begin to make any profit from a new client).
4. Your existing happy clients can be your free sales team, referring new business to you.

There are three primary ways to increase sales from your existing clients.

1 The first and simplest way to generate new business with your existing customers is by educating them about all of your goods and services. Clients who are only aware of some aspects of your business will then see how much more you can offer them.

2 The next method of generating new business is by promoting specific products or services to specific clients. To do this effectively you must have a good understanding of each customer’s current buying patterns and needs.

3 The final method is by developing a new service or product that your existing clients will find valuable. Surveying your customers is a great way to find out what they want and to test a new product to see if it will sell.

Whatever you do, first ask yourself this question.

Is a lack of consistent marketing costing your business extra sales and profit?

If your customers see only one aspect of the benefits your business can offer them, you can’t expect them to buy more from you. An intelligent campaign to open their eyes to everything you offer could be very simple way to increase sales quickly.

A Content Marketing Plan using a variety of media to send updates, helpful hints and new developments is a very cost effective method to educate your customers about other ways you can add value to their lives.

Building on this foundation, an effective marketing campaign can consist of any number of innovative ideas and actions.

The ultimate success of the campaign will depend on how well you present your image and your message. Does it answer the client question ‘What’s in it for me?’

How your clients perceive you is the absolute truth for them. Therefore, words and images become critical in creating the ideal perception.

In a media aware world, it is becoming increasingly important to get the right balance, so that your clients receive a consistent and accurate snapshot of your business, every time you communicate with them.

The key to a great content marketing campaign is clarity. Clarity keeps you focused on the core message and delivers real benefits for your customers. The challenge is that clarity first requires that you are very aware of your own business goals, values and services, so that you know where to focus your energy and resources. Then you can focus on your customers’ needs.

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