Enterprise websites

A large enterprise, member based organisation or franchisor can now use location-centric websites for a more personal relationship with customers. Modern era businesses can now make use of advanced technology to connect with customers on a more personal level. We now have the power to bring ‘community’ back into our ‘communications’.

Leveraging the power of trust

No matter what you are selling, a sale is only made after trust has been established. Trust is built through personal experience with a brand and/or through direct relationships with retailers. We can help any business with multiple outlets or locations to combine brand loyalty with the personal trust and face to face relationship that local managers or owners have with their consumers.

Market Catalyst offers advanced web technology to link multi-location businesses with their end user customers. We do this by creating unique multi-tiered online promotion systems driven from one central management site. Market Catalyst is ideal for franchise owners, member based organisations, wholesalers or suppliers who want to support their retailers, members or or franchisees.

If you are a member based organisation such as a retailer group or business association, you can use Market Catalyst to dramatically increase SEO rankings for all members. This is achieved through setting up a directory system with satellite sites and targeted search terms. You can also stream relevant and time sensitive information directly to members sites at the flick of a switch, saving time and ensuring important messages are delivered to consumers and other end users.

Integration with Market Enterprise

Market Catalyst can easily integrate with Market Enterprise, our e-commerce system, to become a centralised online shopping cart. This means that we can set up multiple cart logins on satellite sites all round the country. All sales come to your centrally managed online shop, but are tagged with a unique store ID , so sales can be attributed to the relevant store. Store fronts can be unique to each shop or branded all the same, the choice is yours.

A powerful click and connect process

Market Catalyst creates customer driven, online promotions such as coupons, special deals and incentives that are automatically sent to multiple participating web sites. Market Catalyst also sends these same promotions via email to the customers of these retailers, members or outlets. Market Catalyst will also automatically post the same messages or deals on the Facebook pages belonging to the participating outlets.

Market Catalyst gives you in-depth analysis of campaigns and promotions through powerful click-through and page-view analytics to provide feedback on your marketing and to assess the effectiveness of individual outlets and campaigns.

You can ‘own’ local search terms

Imagine ‘owning’ the local search terms for your services and products, so that local people can find the products or service you offer in their town or suburb.

The key point of difference is the way Market Catalyst leverages high level SEO structures to dramatically lift rankings in Google and other search engines. With Market Catalyst we can ensure you maintain a local connection through local stores and sales people, but the management of the advertising material and the system is all controlled by you. If required, you can also allow access to individual stores or outlets to manage content on their sites.

This raises your marketing to a new personal level for customers, but keeps your marketing strategies and implementation at the corporate level.  Not only is it more effective, it can also be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.