Use content marketing to increase sales in 2018

Henry Ford once said, “I know only half of my advertising works. The problem is, I don’t know which half.”

A lot has changed since Henry Ford’s dilemma but unfortunately a lot of marketing and advertising is often an expensive hit and miss exercise.

Here we are in 2013, with more mediums and marketing tools than ever and yet a lot of the marketing and advertising that many businesses do online is close to useless.

But did you know that there are three core brand building exercises that have not changed since Henry Ford’s day. You can still use three proven, century’s old steps to turn your business into a market leader in 2013.

Business leaders use these three content marketing steps

The trouble is most business owners don’t know the three steps, even though they have been proven to work time after time. Every successful business leader in the world has used these steps and continues to use them.

1.    Be Accessible so prospects know you’re there for them
2.    Be Authentic so they can see you can be trusted
3.    Be an  Authority so they know they can turn to you for advice

We all know how frustrating it can be to find relevant information online. Sometimes it feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Over the past 12 months, Content Marketing has become a vital tool for market leaders by offering useful relevant and non sales oriented content. New search algorithms released by Google over the past 2 years have made this more important than ever.

Content Marketing engages your prospects by publishing content about their interests, needs and problems. Rather than sending messages about your services, Content Marketing answers specific questions of interest to your prospects and pulls them towards you by developing high levels of trust and credibility.

So how do you produce great content, attract traffic and generate conversions?

Build a story around your brand

Think of it as creating your brand as a trusted hero to follow and then building a story around that hero. Whether the hero is brand (Virgin)or a person closely connected to that brand (Richard Branson), depends on the specific approach, but essentially it is about establishing the collective ‘you’ as the most trusted and undeniable expert in your field. Once you gain trust, you are a big step closer to a sale.

The first step is to be sure about the goal, the end output for your Content Marketing Machine. From here you develop a plan to create a content-powered path that takes your prospects from where they are today to the end goal.

Once you have the end goal written down, you then can begin to create a the content marketing plan to attract people who are asking questions and seeking information or advice that your products and service can provide.