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Find out how Content Marketing has become a vital tool for market leaders by offering useful relevant and non sales oriented content. New search algorithms released recently by Google have made this more important than ever. Our Brisbane based consultants can help you increase your sales using these proven methods.

Content Marketing engages your prospects by publishing content about their interests, needs and problems. Rather than sending messages about your services, Content Marketing answers specific questions of interest to your prospects and pulls them towards you by developing high levels of trust and credibility.

So how do you produce great content, attract traffic and generate conversions?

Content Marketing can be simplified in three principles:

1. Be Accessible so prospects know you’re there for them

2. Be Authentic so they can see you can be trusted

3. Be an Authority so they know they can turn to you for advice

Building a story around your brand

The first step is to be sure about the end goal for your Content Marketing.  Once this is clear you can develop a plan to create a content-powered path that takes your prospects from where they are now to the end goal.

Then  you need to take your prospects on a journey of discovery. The best way to do this is connect with them  through stories that have real meaning for them. Like all good stories, having a hero to follow can be a good way to start.

Whether it is brand or a person connected to that brand depends on the specific approach, but essentially it is about establishing the collective ‘you’ as the ‘hero’, someone they can  trust and see  as an undeniable expert in your field. The prospect needs to think of you as the shining knight who is looking out for them.

How Touchpoint Dynamics works

Touchpoint Dynamics taps into the primary touchpoints of the customer sales lifecycle. Prospects typically move through the following touchpoints in the sales process:

Unaware – Aware – Interested – Ready to Buy – Sold – Satisfied – Convert – Brand Fanatic

For each step on the path, you are working out which content will attract the prospect to that touchpoint of engagement with you and help move them onto the next touchpoint.

Know the prospects questions

• What questions does the Prospect want answered at each touchpoint?

• What topics will provide this content and answer these questions?

• What headlines will get attention for the content at each touchpoint?

• What formats (blog posts, Facebook, video etc) should this content be delivered through?

Adding structure to the story

At the beginning of the ‘story’, your prospect is not interested in your brand. This beginning content should focus on your prospect’s interests but also imply the expertise within your organization. The content at the beginning is not about promoting your products or services. Its about building trust and engagement.

As the prospect engages with your relevant and helpful content and indicates interest in your services or products, then you can provide more information to help them make the decision to buy from you.

Using a system to manage and measure

Touchpoint Dynamics begins with your end goals and then helps you map out the type of content and mediums to use. With this map you can then create meaningful touchpoints to educate your prospects, build trust in your brand and stimulate interaction with you in a variety of ways with the ultimate goal always being conversion to a sale.

This can be done through a variety of media including website development, on and offline advertising, blogs, social media, email, direct mail, PR, graphic design and sales training.

Touchpoint Dynamics manages, measures and analyses the success of all the mediums and content you use. This knowledge helps you understand what’s working best and what may need adjusting to enure your end goals are met.

If you would like more information about Touchpoint Dynamics, please call us for an obligation free chat on 1300 783 004 or email on [email protected]