11 steps to build your Content Marketing plan

Marketing has changed a lot in the past few years, but some things never change. Sales follow when you build AccessibilityAuthenticity and Authority into everything your prospects and customers hear, see and feel about you. Touchpoint Dynamics is system that helps you create a Content Marketing plan that does this for you.

This can be done through a variety of media including website development, on and offline advertising, blogs, social media, graphic design,email, direct mail and PR.

Your 11 step Content Marketing plan

Use these 11 steps you to turn your Content Marketing plan into a mission and then follow through to completion.

Step 1.     Define current state of play
Declare where you are now in terms of successes, dissatisfaction, uncertainties etc

Declare goals – financial – team growth – new products etc

Declare current marketing strategies and with associated costs and levels of effectiveness

Step 2.     Name the challenges we face
Rival brands, external forces, complacency, fears etc.

Identify problems real and perceived both internal and external

Step 3     Discuss where we want to be and how we want to be perceived

Name the mission hero eg brand, business owner, or other

Identify heroic attributes, character, values of the hero/brand

Define and develop the heroic quest to pull us forward

Step 4     Create the Mission statement
Define the owner of the mission, (hero,) the quest  (clearly defined goals) and the  time frame.

Step 5    Clearly define the mission in terms of project scope and resource requirements

Determine the levels of investment needed to complete the mission (money and time)

Provide recommendations and options on the type of commitment required and by whom.

Step 6     Agree and commit to the investment of time and money

Get sign off and commitment from all stakeholders and establish start date and completion date of the mission.

Step 7    Establish the How

Discuss and establish your client’s ‘persona’, to create the tone and essence of message.

Determine the appropriate mediums, processes and metrics to use.

Step 8    Establish the Who

Discuss and establish who will deliver the what, eg writers, editors, coordinators, analysts, etc.

Step 9    Establish the When

Develop a calendar to ensure strategic output of content with clearly defined end date and results.

Step 10    Build the Machine – Choose the best method/tools to manage the system eg spreadsheet, CRM, etc

Define who will fill the roles, both internal and external

Train the appropriate people in each of the establish roles where required.

Develop personal missions for each role/person

Allocate tasks, responsibilities and timelines to each of the appropriate people

Step 11     Run, test and measure – Maintain the passion for the mission and the hero

Ensure content is produced and stays on target to match the ‘client persona’.

Listen to customers and the front-line staff to make sure you are talking to your customers, not at them.

Maintain an agile campaign based on feedback and analysis so that you keep engaging your target market.

Constantly test, measure and improve.

In Summary

You can use the above information to create your own Content Marketing plan, or ask us to help.

Our services include the following processes:

Consult: Meet with key stakeholders to create a Content Marketing plan with end goal in place.

Develop Touchpoints:
 Using our Touchpoint Dynamics structure, we help you develop the Touchpoints that will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

We come on the journey with you:
We work with your team and ensure the plan stays on track. Depending on the level of engagement and expertise within your own team, this could range from over viewing the process to supplying most of the content and process management.

To find out more, ask for free one hour consult on 1300 783 004 or email [email protected]