PR and online media were made for each other.

PR and online media companies know that in today’s information age we use the internet for a wide range of reasons. We use it to find information, to buy goods, to tell people about us and what we do, to communicate to our friends. We use it to educate our customers and stakeholders and to share thoughts and happenings with our associates.

iStock_000013824529SmallWe use and interact with Websites, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Email, just to name a few. We read, hear and see messages online, from video and audio to kinetic animation, text and static images.

When we have an important story to tell, all of the above are the tools in our communications toolbox, along with the appropriate offline media such as newspapers, radio and TV.

PR professionals have always told stories using a range of communication styles and media. Most of the experienced PR guys I know are former journalists. They can transform chicken poo into newsworthy stories that engage journalists, lobby governments and inform the public. (This is a true story – read more below).

PR professionals know how to make a story resonate and they know how and where to get it out. A good PR campaign can both save a company and build a brand and is much more effective than advertising alone. Its a clever way to use Content Marketing in telling a story.

Turning chicken poo into a story of power.

My good friend and fellow Touchpoint Dynamics founder, Mark Miller, recently helped a client deal with a campaign of misinformation from a group of activists. Cleveland Power is one of the most innovative green energy projects in this country.

Innovative-solutions-2It involves the construction of Redland City’s world leading Bio Mass Power Plant. The project will deliver world class clean green energy generation. It incorporates world’s best practice protocols for the delivery of clean Energy-Renewable green power and environmental solutions. It also offers a clean, green way to disposed of about 650000 tonnes of chicken waste each year. (You can find out more here

And yet, a small but active group of people were creating issues that were slowing down the process and endangering the successful launch of the project.

The information that they were issuing was patently false and misleading but in the absence of any positive PR, it was the only voice and the scare campaign was working.

Mark set about planning an intensive campaign through local, state and national media to showcase the facts and the explain benefits of the project. He lobbied local, state and federal governments and shared the story with other journalists.

His use of a specific campaign website, blog posts and media releases via press, radio and TV was coupled to a direct communication approach to identified key stakeholders. These stakeholders included the protestors, and those touched by the misinformation campaign.

Over a short and intense campaign period, the campaign resulted in the project being approved by the courts, and was signed off by all government departments, with letters of endorsement from federal and local ministers.  Just as importantly, the campaign informed the local community about the truth of the project and gave them peace of mind.

That’s a great result and one that Mark and everyone in Redland City can be proud of.

You need the full tool box

Just as a mechanic can’t maintain your car with only one spanner, you can’t get your message out with just one medium.

With access to the full communications toolbox, PR and online media professionals use skill, experience and knowledge to ensure your message reaches the right ears and eyes.toolbox-250

They do this through the most appropriate and effective mediums for the target audience.

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